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This is a cry for the eyes of the dark flashed a surprised colors, and did not last long.

It seems that these are not full-eater, the young master to be found. Very easy night, his face has been hung Nama Dan Xiao, tensions did not found.

Look so calm night, Xiao Qian relaxation is not small, her heart is bent on prayer do not get caught into the Yamen. Because she was very clear, as long as they get caught Yamen, the equivalent of and she told Huangfu chloranthoides soon going to meet.

You see, I had any brains, the Huangfu ...... official raised soldiers that is not covered. To the name of the mouth abruptly to the hidden back.

Xiao Qian such a reminder, the night suddenly noticed what his eyes flashed a little worried, it seems this time he really a little too confident, if this can not be safely removed, I am afraid to hurt exuberant.

Even Xiaoqi Ying soldiers are sent out!

Think of it, the night heart sank slightly the body subconsciously guard Xiao Qian in front, Im afraid they are not the official support of the soldiers.

Low sound, the night out of nowhere so many words, and Tory Burch the words Xiao Qian already uneasy heart tense up.

Night, you is not seen what? Xiao Qian looking at it uneasily while frowning night, asked softly.

You see their clothes! Night hand, pointed to the distant rattling officers and soldiers open road.

Along the direction of the dark point, Xiao Qian looked in the past, those officers and men dress in fact, no major features, just that she was surprised that those officers and men of the past to see, basically, their soldiers serving will be positive Central big soldiers written in front of these officers and men ......

Their clothes but says Xiao word.

These ancient things she do not know, she does not understand the word soldiers written officers and men of the officers and men of the read, Xiao What is the difference, but just look at the expression of the night and she knows just these written The officers and men of the Xiao I am afraid there is no soldiers so good deal.

Night, these officers and difficult to deal with? Ceguo Tou, she looked at the dark night has been wrinkled brow, a growing sense of anxiety in her Tory Burch Outlet heart.

Well! In a dark place of honest nodded, he was a little regret his negligence, will not even see the exuberant brought over, hed does not matter, he was afraid to let exuberant injured, his subconscious, but do not want flourishing by a little injury.

They are Xiaoqi Ying officers and men! Night to remain open road.

Xiaoji Ying? Xiao Qian did not understand Xiaoqi Ying what she knew, Xiaoqi Ying officers and men definitely difficult to deal with.

See the confusion in the eyes of Xiao Qian night, explains: Xiaoqi Ying is the largest one in the court troops, basically, less than the date of siege or emperor dangerous, is not easily dispatched just ... Speaking of which, the brow of the night locked up again.


Xiao Qian heart pumping because of the word inexplicably, previously linger off the valley of love in her heart the sense of unease at this time more reckless in my heart!

Emperor! Emperor!

Why so uneasy in her heart more and more intense, more and she was frightened at the same time, wit, fear of which, she tasted the slightest heartache taste.

Crimping chest pain that somehow, Xiao Qians face with a touch of pale.

She did not know why tonight will make her feel so was anxious, and wit disturbed will be sustained over time more and more intense.

Just ...... just listen to the voice of the night sounded again, Why a small zhaoling City robbery, would be alerted to the emperor, Cheap Tory Burch why the emperor would personally intervene in the matter?

Wha ... what? Emperor? Xiao Qian heart because of the word and more tense, the heart almost jumped out from the chest.

Just the kind of unrest, Xiao Qian scared trembling, she suddenly felt Xiaoqi Ying appear tonight, because of her, not because of the night.